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Chhabra Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.(CIPL) has developed an application for school student safety that is available on both Android and iOS. Nowadays, student safety is the first priority in everyone mind, so with the help of their skilled and innovative developers, CIPL had developed an app that will help the parent's in every manner.

Every parent cares for their Kid and even more when they are away from them. Everyone worries about their child and faces problems, some of their major problems are:

1. Kid's school bus can arrive on any time in the morning and, sometimes bus arrives late because of some reason but they are still waiting for the bus since the regular time and faces inconvenience.

2. Sometimes, parents are not at home and they asked others to pick up the Kid from the bus stop on the time, they arrived the bus stop at the time, but the bus hadn't arrived till half an hour, and they worry about their kid. 

3. Does driver driving safely

4. Where the bus right Now. 


Konnect@School is an innovative mobile application that connects parents with school transport. Konnect@School is an innovative idea by CIPL that help parents in many ways.

1. It will help you in tracking the bus 

2. Gives Voice Notification of the driver.

3. You can locate kids with this innovative app.

4. Kids safety is assured.

5. It enables you to communicate 2 way.

6. Gives you alert message after reaching home and before reaching the bus stop. 

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